An aspirin a day will keep surgery away….

My surgery was scheduled for November 28th.  When the doctor told me this, I just assumed that that was the first available date, after allowing for additional testing. My testing was completed on November 14th. Ms sister felt that this was too long to wait if we didn’t need to. She and I both called the Neurosurgeon’s office to ask for an earlier date. This was on November 15th, I think. They said “okay” and I was told to wait for a call from the Neurosurgeon’ office to confirm a new date. They explained that it may or may not be possible due to insurance reasons and hospital scheduling and such. We were told to wait on the 16th for the call.

Finally about 4:30PM I got the phone call from Summerlin Hospital. My surgery wouls be on November 18th. They went through all of the pre-check in questions….Name, date  of birth, medical conditions, and also a complete list of my medications…..including ASPIRIN. She then gave me a number to call for the hospital check in appointment. I called right away, but they were closed. So I called my wife and told her to start calling the family to get flight and such out to Las Vegas.

The next morning I called the hospital check in number and after going through all the same questions AGAIN, they said I needed to come in by 1 PM that day. That worked out well because I was already going to be in Las Vegas at my Neurosurgeon’s office anyways. The day before, my mom, dad, brother, and sister all booked flights for Vegas and rented a mini-van.

So finally I meet with my Neurosurgeon at his office. He asked me what I knew about my condition….being that I have several family/friends that are nurses, and I had asked for copied of all of my MRI’s, I was able to send some images to my sister who had a nurse friend of her’s to look at the images. Also, I scoured the internet looking for clues as to what I had. The tumor itself was very visible, but being that  there are over 100 types of brain tumors, it was hard to pick out. By looking at my MRI-Spec graphs, I could clearly see that it was a tumor, and not just a tumor but it is cancer:(  So explained, as best I could that I had a tumor that showed” a primary tumor that showed a reverse Hunter’s Angle, low HAA, very high CLO,  very high lipids and necrosis at its core” He looked at me and said”What are you a scientist?” We all chuckled and explained that we already had a neurologist read the report, and I googled the heck out of everything it mentioned in the report. So after we talked a bit more, I began to realize he may not know that surgery was scheduled for tomorrow….so I asked, and he said he knew and we would get to that in a few. So when we began talking about surgery, he asked, again, what medications I was taking…..We rattled them off to him until we said ASPIRIN.He asked me when I last took the aspirin and I replied yesterday. He replied that I needed to be off of it for a week before surgery. He even said that he COULD operate, but if it was his mother or father, he wouldn’t operate for at least a week. By this time, my brother  was already landed in Vegas, my mom and dad were getting ready to leave, and my sister had a later flight!

So now we had to call everyone and tell them it got cancelled! On the bright side, I got to see my brother for a bit, and my parents are just staying until the surgery is over.

All of this over ASPIRIN, which I repeated to EVERYONE I spoke with.In theory, someone should have caught this sooner than they did, but life goes on.


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