15 to go…

until I’m done with radiation. I would like to express all of our deep gratitude to my family and friends for the donations, without which I would not be at this 1/2 way point in treatment.

Radiation Machine

To the left is the picture of the machine itself used to create radiation to treat my tumor. Not the exact machine, but close enough. It basically destroys all DNA in the treated cells, cancerous or not. Healthy cells are able to reproduce duplicate


DNA, while cancer cells cannot.  There is also a collar  that is used to focus the radiation beam to try to conform the beam to treat as little as possible of healthy tissue.  This is way over simplified, as metastatic cancer can return at anytime, almost anywhere.  People with metastatic cancer live knowing that it can return at any time.! It is always hanging over your head like a guillotine ready to  fall at any time.